Monday, February 14, 2011

Travels Galore!

My last post was a tad bit long. But I realize it had been quite a while since I have updated all of you! I didn’t even get around to telling you about my traveling experiences!
Two weekends ago, I went on a day excursion for foreign exchange students. We went to 3 different locations. The first stop was a tiny little town that had a gorgeous waterfall and church. It had connections to Napolean. The second stop was a part of Navarra (region of Spain that I am studying in) where the witches used to go to practice their magic supposedly. It was a huge cave! It was so cool. I didn’t expect to find a cave at the end of the trail, but there it was! The third stop was to the National Park of Navarra. It was more of a tour of trees. I was not entertained, even in the least bit.
Yesterday, a few friends and I went on a day trip to Tafalla, Spain. There was an agricultural festival there. When I heard about it, I was not that excited. Growing up on a farm in Nebraska, I’m sure you can just imagine how interesting an Agricultural festival sounded to me! Nonetheless, I went because it was only a 3 euro trip, and my friends were going. It was also on Sunday. Sundays here are torture. EVERYTHING is closed, so there usually isn’t a whole lot of action other than church. Well, turns out it was more of a farmer’s market with authentic art, food, and commercial goods stands as well. It was so much fun! I love flea markets, garage sales, auctions, etc. So it was perfect for me! We tried different Spanish authentic foods, bought little trinkets from local artists, and browsed through tons of clothing stands! I couldn’t have found a more perfect way to spend a Sunday with friends here!
Next on the list is Madrid! A group of friends and I leave on Thursday morning, and will return Sunday afternoon. We are going for Carnival, which is basically Spain’s version of Mardi Gras. I cannot wait for this experience! Today has just dragged on and on (as Mondays usually do for everyone), and I hope that the next two days aren’t the same. I just want to be on that bus making my way to Madrid!

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