Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bailar! Bailar!

I have learned so much from my time here in Spain.  One of those things is learning to leave my comfort zone.  Anyone who knows me knows one important factor about me, I absolutely can't dance.  I am the awkward girl in the corner that just bobs her head and hopes that nobody notices.  I love going to dances and formals though, just not the whole dancing myself part.  This is one thing that is SLOWLY changing here in Spain.

This is largely in part due to my friends, especially a few of the students from Brazil that I am friends with.  They are constantly telling me  "ahora aprender" or learn now!  One night at the bars my roommate, who is also from Brazil, was trying to get me to "dance like girls from Brazil" and to "move my hips like this!"  Well.......ummmm.  Doesn't work like that for Desirae.  Nonetheless, they kept persisting and kept attempting to teach me.  I tried.  Let's just say there's plenty of room for improvement.  My friend, Travis, bluntly told me that it was obvious to everyone that I can't dance that night at the bar. 

I can handle line dances and the good ole' pretzel (swing dancing), but the dancing here in Spain is much different.  The dancing here is not like dancing in Nebraska, to say the least.  It's kind've more like salsa dancing.  I guess it could be described as more "sensual".

But again, anyone who knows me knows that that is not me at all!  But this is one of the many reasons that I came to Spain.  I wanted to leave my comfort zone and try new things.  I wanted experiences and adventure.  I am learning so much and doing so many things here that I would normally not do, especially back home in Nebraska!  And dancing is just one of them.  Just wait,  when it's time for me to leave in July I'll be the best dancer ever :)

 My friends Lina (Lithuania), Carly (New Orleans), and I ready for a night at the discoteca, Morengo.
Some of my friends and I at the popular shots bar, Chupiteria.

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